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One of the great assets of Mastering Type is that it is not a learn how to type book, it is a learn how to communicate book by revealing the fundamentals of type and then showing how you can use type utilising relevant industry examples.

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Mastering Type is a terrific book and a must-have for any designer's library. The book has endless image examples and multiple interviews with design experts. Bosler walks you through type step-by-step with easy-to-read guidelines and teachings. This book is essential for all design novices and gurus!

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Mastering Type has the perfect amount of information and examples to educate the novice design student while inspiring even the most experienced type lover. The range of examples shown in this book showcases just how much typography affects our daily lives. It is to be appreciated. The information is well organized and easy to understand. Every page has something to offer; you don't want to come to the end.

Mastering Type

The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design

by Denise Bosler


Communications technology permeates our society. Look around. Typography is everywhere. Commuting to work, grocery shopping, surfing the Web, or navigating a smartphone, we are bombarded by words of every shape, size, and arrangement. It is essential for designers to understand the basics of typography to get an effective message across instantly. The goal of this book is to guide the reader in building a solid foundation of timeless typographic knowledge, for both print and digital media, while transcending transient technologies.

Regardless of the ever-advancing technology at our fingertips, we still rely on the same twenty-six letters. Typographic basics start with the principles we all learned as children: letters form words, words form sentences, and sentences form paragraphs. The designer's goal of optimizing communication via legibility, connotation, and form are as fundamental as the alphabet. Does this mean we can't use technology to enhance our words? Certainly not. Typography is an art and can be treated as such, but only after the basics are thoroughly understood and ingrained in the mind of the designer.

This book breaks down the study of type into a systematic progression of typographic relationships—letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages and screens—through content, examples, interviews, and real-world inspiration. It illustrates to the beginning designer how professional type treatment looks, feels, and reads. Careful study of these step-by-step details provides a virtual apprenticeship in typography, a valuable education for any designer.

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